We had never intended to return to Killarney so soon, but when the 2017 Circuit of Ireland Rally was cancelled it left an gaping hole in the calendar that Easter which Déjà Vu Killarney filled admirably. Our aim was to recreate the great Rothmans Rally Team of the 1980s by inviting back many drivers, co-drivers, managers and staff from that golden Group B age in Irish Rallying.

Theme The Rothmans Rally Team.
Entrants – 75.
HQ The Malton Hotel.
Route Molls Gap,  Tim Healey, Cods Head, Ardgroom, Killmakillogue, Molls Gap.
Personalities Stig Blomqvist, Bernard Beguin, Saeed Al Hajri, Adrian Boyd, Cathal Curley, Billy Coleman, Jimmy McRae,  Rosemary Smith, Francis Tuthill, Dennis Biggerstaff, Donagh Kelly and William Morrison & Ian Parry of the Rothmans Rally Team. 
Charity – Irish Cancer Foundation.